My personal website made using THREE.js for rendering 3d models.

A website made for a economic consulting buisness in Sweden. It uses Php as backend and is made to working on every size, from the smallest phone to the biggest screen.

About Me

Hi, I'm William Lundqvist.

Since I was a kid I have always liked to create different things, everything from creating simple figures in woodworking class to painting. My interesst for programming began in my first year of high school when I saw a youtube video of someone building a website in under 20 minutes. I thought that was super cool that a person could transform text to a beautiful website. It was then I began thinking "I also want to create something like that" and since then my interesst for programming has grown more and more.


The Wisemans Clock

Play as a mysterious man after the apocalypse destroyed the earth. You have to stop the apocalypse from happening by rewinding time and space. Do your best to stop the apocalypse by using the Wisemans Clock!

Unfaithful Storyteller

The son of a father want to know the story about what happened to their grandpa, after realizing they haven't seen eachother for quite a while. The father will try and remember the story and it's up to you to shape father's story in the way you want.

Other Projects/Links


My github contains A variety or projects that I have created. Spanning from a simple game engine in c++ to a CMS system created in Typescript and node.js


At Linkedin you can read more about me. You can contact me here for fast responses!